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"Chinese Dream, Taitan Love" - The 70th Anniversary Of the National Day

On September 25, zhejiang Taitan co., ltd. and Taitan international hotel jointly held the "Chinese dream, Titan love -- welcome National Day's 70th anniversary gala", to the motherland.At the beginning of the party, the chairman of the company made a speech. He said, "under the leadership of the communist party of China, the achievements of the motherland in the past 70 years have attracted worldwide attention. From a poor, backward and bullied old China to a prosperous and technologically advanced new China, every Chinese is proud of the great achievements of the past 70 years.And call on all the staff not to forget the original mind, remember the mission, to achieve the steady development of Taitan and work hard to open up our happy life and a better future!



The party began in the chorus of "into a new era", the audience was full of passion, singing together for the motherland.Then, the sign language performance "nation", jazz dance, solo "heaven road", "me and my motherland", music recitation "never forget the original heart, dream a new era", Peking Opera "three stores", taijiquan performance and other wonderful programs staged in turn, singing and dancing mingling, climax, audience applause, cheers one after another.




All the employees of Taitan company expressed their sincere praise and affectionate wishes to the great motherland in their own unique way, which demonstrated the morale of the company's employees and the good spirit of prosperity.



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